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Tug-E-Nuff is a family-run dog toy brand that’s on a mission to enrich the relationship humans and dogs share using the Power of Play.

With their 45 day tug it and love it guarantee you're sure to love what you buy!

Click the link below and get your 15% discount on the fantastic Tug-e-nuff toys today


Wagateur are a UK company who make a range of 100% natural herbal-based supplements for dogs.


Their products help address many of the non-behavioural issues that distract dogs during training (and give you trouble at home / out-and-about).  After only a couple of weeks, the non-behavioural conditions ease considerably improving the dog’s attentiveness. This makes training more effective as the dog is more responsive to its owners.

Click the link below to get a 30% discount on the Wagateur product relevant to your dog and don't forget, Wagateur offer a “Happy Or It’s Free” guarantee. Basically, if you don’t see results within a month, give them a shout and they’ll refund your purchase price no questions asked and no returns needed.

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