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Get summer walks ready with our new training package to recharge your recall.  Click the link below:

Dog Training

Hayley is an IMDT Qualified Dog Trainer who is also a member of the Dog Trainer School Professional Standard.  She loves assisting owners in communicating with their new puppies and dogs alike in a fun, positive, force free way.  Understanding your dog from their body language and cues is an important part of the bond between dog and human and whether you need information for bringing a puppy home or would like to work on a behaviour Hayley is happy to help!

To look at the full range of training sessions available, please head to


1-2-1 Puppy Training

Bringing a new puppy home is an exciting time but it can also be full of the unknown.  Let Hayley guide you through all things puppy to help your new housemate settle in to your home and routine with ease.

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1-2-1 Dog Training and Training Walks

Dog's are always learning and so engaging with them and having fun is a great way to understand each other.  Whether you are looking at re-engaging with training or would like to phase out a behaviour, Hayley can help make learning fun and manageable for both you and your dog.


Group Classes

For those who want socialisation as well as learning for their puppy or dog, why not join a group class.  Run by Hayley and another IMDT Qualified Trainer, Sarah, classes are held in the village of Hempstead, Essex.

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