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Hayley has always been an animal lover and like many children do, she had a variety of small animals when she was younger including hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and cats.  She has always loved dog and when their lifestyle allowed, she and her husband added Bella the Beagle to their family.


It was when Hayley was expecting her second child that she decided she wanted to take the leap and work with animals.  Enjoying being with and walking Bella meant that it was an easy decision to work with dogs.  Hayley enrolled on some animal (and in particular dog) courses and attended a 4 day business course and in August 2015 Hayley's Happy Hounds took on its first dog walking customer!  In November 2017 Hayley attended a Canine First Aid Course and became a qualified Canine First Aider and has used some of these skills on a couple of occasions since then.


Since then, the business has grown to include a number of services including home boarding and doggy day care and as well as loving working with all the dogs, Hayley is able to constant learn from watching them and being with them.

Faye and Beccy

Faye and Beccy joined Hayley's Happy Hounds in September 2021.


Rachel joined Hayley's Happy Hounds in November 2017.  Rachel has also had a number of family dogs and after a long and fulfilling career in a school she decided she would like to work with dogs and enjoy being with them again.  Rachel is confident and practical with the dogs and they all enjoy the walks and play time they have with her.


Sam joined Hayley's Happy Hounds in April 2019.  


Vicky started boarding for Hayley's Happy Hounds in October 2016.  Living on a farm with her family, 2 dogs and horse livery she has the perfect setting for dogs to enjoy a holiday whilst their owners are also away.  Vicky loves all animals and would do anything for any of them.  She is confident, kind, caring and very relaxed and all the dogs who stay with Vicky book for a return visit!

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