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Walking, Boarding & Training
Saffron Walden, Essex

Welcome to Hayley’s Happy Hounds, our business is to ‘keep your best friend happy’.


Dogs excel when they are provided with the right balance of exercise, mental stimulation and social interaction along with the correct nutrition.  It is our mission to provide environments where your dog will get to express their natural instincts and be completely fulfilled by the end of a fun packed walk.


We understand that in today’s climate of busy working schedules and long periods away from home, your dog isn’t always able to get the attention it needs.  This can be detrimental to their physical and mental health and can often lead to the development of behavioural problems, which can have an adverse affect on your relationship with your furry friend.


We are here to ensure that your dog’s needs are taken care of whilst you are away from home and that they return to you after having had the very best time they can have, all in our safe hands.  

Why Choose Us

Licensed by Uttlesford District Council


Fully insured

Positive reinforcement methods - IMDT recognised Trainer

Canine First Aid qualified

Physical and mental stimulation

Supervision from trained staff

Healthy treats

Socialisation and play

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