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Our indoor facility is well equipped with plenty of floor space should our guests want to carry on the fun after they’ve been out for their walk or whether they want to relax and have some time away from the pack to recharge their batteries.


We also have a segregated puppy area so the little ones can have sufficient rest in between playtime with the other dogs


We have a secure 90 square foot outdoor enclosure for our dogs to run around, play and have fun in whilst they are with us.  This area is the ideal spot for group socialization or for those dogs that prefer to have a little one on one time with our staff.  In addition to this, we have a number of beautiful woodland walks right on our doorstep for us to take advantage of.



Our transporter van is specially fitted with separate custom crates and is fully heated/ air conditioned so that our dogs are carried around securely and comfortably during their journey with us.   

All of our drivers are trained and insured to carry domesticated pets. 

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