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We are situated in the beautiful Essex countryside and we are fortunate to have a number of picturesque woodland and rural walks right on our doorstep.  We frequently venture away from our base to take advantage of the plethora of scenic walks available to us in the surrounding areas so that our dogs get to explore new environments as often as they can.


We can walk your dog in our happy hounds group walk, maximising the benefits of social interaction and play, which provide the physical and mental stimulation your dog needs to develop and function correctly.


We also understand that some dogs prefer the quiet life and enjoy walking without the hustle and bustle of the pack. We can cater for the individual too whatever the requirement may be.


What we offer:


  • A full 1- hour walk.

  • Secure transport from and to your home.

  • Trained and professional staff.




£12 per dog.

£18 for 2 dogs from the same house.

£15 per solo walk.

£22 for 2 dogs from the same house (solo walk).

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